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Mission Statement

"Almost single-handedly, and with considerable resistance from his own peers, [he] changed the face of science. He rescued the wonders of science from their obscure, arcane, fiercely defended citadels and presented them to us to examine and admire."
The above words were written about Carl Sagan and his development of the television series Nova. A similar statement might be written about Bill Nye "the Science Guy" and his program for children on public television, or NOVA Science Now.
The Children's Television Workshop launched Sesame Street's Science of Discovery season aimed at preschoolers on public television... Popular Mechanics for Kids, a slapstick science show for elementary school students, was syndicated in the 1990's.
Much has been written about making science fun and accessible to both children and the general public, to prepare them for enacting responsible environmental and chemical legislation in the face of "junk science". These shows are making admirable first steps.
While Dr. Sagan's show examined issues somewhat dryly for an adult audience on public television, and Dr. Nye's show takes a silly approach to science for children, also on public television, there is room for a responsible, informative program for all ages tailored for the new millennium specifically targeting popular, newsworthy, environmental issues.
The Professor K Show tackles the science issues which appear on the six o'clock news every night. Professor K immediately grabs the viewers' attention through the use of many characters (all played by Professor K- as done successfully by Jim Varney (the Earnest... series) and Marc Weiner (Weinerville), and most recently by Alton Brown on Good Eats for the Food Network) developed during years of improvisational performance training. Attention is maintained through the use of popular analogies all viewers can appreciate, developed through years of lecturing students. An online component of the show encourages viewers to take action where they live and provides sources of additional information, plus allows them to become Associate Professors ("AP's"), exchanging ideas and thoughts with other AP's around the globe.